About Lori – the photographer

For those of us who have ever gone through an old box of photos, or an album, do you remember which ones are your favorites? Can you visualize them clearly? Some of my most favorite photographs from childhood and early adulthood are the tokens that keep me connected to the younger person inside. They keep me connected to my past – to the things that make me who I am. If all my possessions were suddenly gone, I would feel the greatest loss over the missing images of my life.

It’s so easy to forget to take pictures periodically, especially during pivotal times. We get wrapped up in all our happenings and forget to take a step back to appreciate what each day adds to our person. It’s my theory that, when I’m old and gray, my photos will be what keeps me passionate about *my* life and will help me remember the value in the difficult journey. We all have things we’ll want to remember. It’s my goal to be there for you yesterday and today. Tomorrow will come when it does, bringing with it new experiences, and I’d like to be there to catch it too. Just ask.

I dedicate my work as a photographer to helping create and preserve life’s beautiful memories. I’m an everyday art catcher.

Tao of Lori

“Art is a reflection of our poetic lives. I believe in stimulating the senses. I consider the invention of a striking image to be a process of uncovering sincerity through incisive, unique observation. A story evolves by revealing our awareness of intimacy. During these moments we become inspired to capture glimpses of our core essence. We will discover tender charms, brilliant passion projecting from our souls, and – because we possess the capacity to cherish every aspect of an abidingly soulful self – we will sincerely appreciate life’s curious fortunes. With this gift, breathe Art into life.” -Lori